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79004 - Barrel Escape

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Where should you get it? Or where can you get it?

Well I would wait until the x2 VIP points and get it from LEGO Shop at Home in a month or so...

If you are asking where can you get it, it looks like it is a TRU exclusive, so I would get it from LEGO Shop at Home unless TRU has a decent BOGO sale. They are selling theirs for about $5 more than LEGO Shop at Home, so a BOGO Free sale would get you a nice deal!

Always nice to get your set from the store because you can see the box and pick which one is in the best condition, answering your should question...

Maybe clarify to help us answer it a little better.

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The current BOGO 50% off is a better deal than shop at home, if you got two of them, it would run you $33.75 apiece, that is a great deal for this set, not to mention that LEGO Shop at Home charges shipping toysrus won't if its over $75, or you can just buy them at a local store.

I agree. That is a great deal...
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This one's going to be tough to get in quantity at a decent discount. When Lego has their double VIP sale with free shipping that's probably going to be the cheapest you'll find it, assuming you don't have a Lego store in your state and won't have to pay sales tax. Barring that keep your eye out for TRU marking them down. Honestly though if you're an investor I wouldn't lose too much sleep over this set. I just don't think you're going to amass 50+ of them unless you want to pay TRU's inflated retail price for them, and you don't mind endlessly driving from store to store. If you're banking on LOTR/Hobbit I think you'll do much better from a money/time/aggravation standpoint investing in Helms Deep/Moria/Goblin King, and also the upcoming Pirate Ship Ambush. All of these will be available in quantity and at discount, and should perform pretty well on the secondary market once EOL.

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Now might be the best time to buy The Hobbit: Barrel Escape. My TRU carries it for $44.99 so with the 20% off coupon they're running for the next week or so, you can get it for $35.92 before tax. http://trus.imageg.net/graphics/media/trus/030113F_ViralCoupon.pdf

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