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eBay Bucks Being Retired (After Careful Consideration)


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Thank you for being a Bucks member, and a valuable part of our eBay community. We’re reaching out to tell you about upcoming changes to the eBay Bucks program.

After careful consideration, we’ve decided to retire the 1% earnings reward on everyday purchases starting April 1st, 2021. The good news is, you will continue to receive bonus Bucks offers, so you can keep earning.

And, beginning April 1st, the Bucks you earn will have a 12-month redemption window, so there’s even more time to score those big savings.


The eBay Bucks Team

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24 minutes ago, marcandre said:

It's not being retired completely, just the 1% on everything. Bonus offers will continue. 

I like the 1 year window to use them. I had let some small amounts expire. 

Bonus offers continuing to what extent though? They could have even less bonus offers than they do now.

They certainly aren't doing this to increase the bonus bucks being paid out.

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5 hours ago, Darth_Raichu said:

Towards the end of the email they mentioned getting Bucks when using their Mastercard.  I would not be surprised if that was what they meant by bonus offers.

I don't think this is a tie between ebay bucks and the ebay cc.  I think they are just promoting the ebay cc in the ebay bucks email.

I have the ebay cc.  The points you earn can be redeemed for gift cards to a lot of places, including but not limited to; ebay, Target, walmart, amazon, and many restaurants, etc.  They sometimes have discounted point redemption, which is what I wait for.  (I.E. normal 13300 pts = $100 gc; sale 10000 pts = $100 gc.)

I have not seen a notification that the cc is changing.  That is not to say it hasn't, I just haven't seen any announcement otherwise.

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