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Dickens is $150 threshold...

I was scrolling through ebay and happened to look up the upcoming charles dickens promo, I did find a seller who happened to have 10 of them. Anyway I had a look through some of the items this person

I don't think he was guessing...

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1 minute ago, starwarsxpress said:

thank you all yes free with $60 of Star Wars have enough of them already so that is a pass lol

it’s not worth it paying full price for the sets... especially since all that’s left on the lego site is a couple of bones after being ravaged by BF shoppers

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It's a yawn set for the price, like others have said not much has been available from double points weekend up until now. 

LEGO is smart of having such a high price point on the GWP, prove people will spend even when they don't want the stuff they are buying (some are but I've seen a lot of the opposite). 

I have instructions for the set since end of last week, not worth the price of box and physical instructions.   Kudos to anyone who did buy it and it fit their needs. 

I'm still holding out for very specific 2021 sets coming and will nab those fast. 

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7 minutes ago, $20 on joe vs dan said:

I was tempted to blow my VIP pts and get the UCS A-Wing...get all GWPs in one swoop.

but I heard that voice telling me that it will hit 30% off prior to retirement...so I couldn't do it.

This is what I did. Except for blowing vip points. Used the 20$ vip bonus voucher and added the vip key chain. 

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13 minutes ago, BricksBrotha said:

with all the product oos, I think its safe to think Lego will have plenty of these to go around come "christmas in july"

Exactly that OR will end up on lego site available to buy on the website within a year.

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