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1 hour ago, $20 on joe vs dan said:

So my boy and I finally finished watching (1st time) all 7 seasons of Clone Wars a week ago.

We are in the middle of Rebels Season 1...when Ahsoka and Darth Vader 1st reveals.

Our plan is to finish Rebels and move on to Resistance.

assuming that's a sound plan...what books fill in some of the inbetween plot lines and character development?  I have been confuse about all the books (I don't intend to get into the video games). I did read the Ahsoka book which was nice. What are the key books that fans find "essential"?

Thanks for any suggestions.

I use the following sites to help me keep track of the canon comics/books coming out and where they are take place in the Star Wars timeline.

This site lists the timeline of the Marvel comics: https://comicbookreadingorders.com/other/star-wars-marvel-reading-order/

This one has the books: http://www.yodasdatapad.com/booklist.html

This one has a little more detail on the books and allows you to filter by the types of books: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Timeline_of_canon_books

I'm still working my way through the comics and books, but don't have any that I think are "essential".  I think they all add to the Star Wars universe in their own way.


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