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Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 Deals


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4 minutes ago, dennugsmello said:

I've bought quite a few Ninjago cities, docks and bountys. I've built all 3, and they the best lego sets I've ever built when you take them as a whole. I guess if these things tank I could always build that 4 city, 4 dock combo!


No shade intended btw - I am rooting for you and other to profit where I (see: Orthanc, Tower of) managed to barely scrape out a push & 4 years of no growth.  Best of luck to you & those bearing the risk.

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4 hours ago, Val-E said:

Movie 2 stock is much tighter in Europe (apart from the first wave non exclusives) so I wouldn´t worry too much. In Europe it is not sold on Amazon and few other shops bothered to carry it in big numbers so it could be the next Minecraft Mountain Cave or, at worst, Joker Manor.

I still don't get what's so special and appealing about this set apart from availability. 

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