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Is the Racers theme done & over with?


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Considering how there were only four sets in the Racers line last year and there doesn't seem to be any new ones for this one. Is that a sign the theme could be completely discontinued, maybe it is taking a temporary break and could come back with new sets next year, or does anyone even care about it at all to begin with? I don't think the line has been discontinued but the lack of anything at all this year (not even word of a polybag) is strangely odd.

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Wow, another 'dead thread' revival. I'm going to wear out the "Rise from your grave!" clip if this keeps up! It is odd considering the theme has been around for twelve years and basically Lego's generic race car theme that it isn't so hot (at least in the secondary market). Course last year was barely a decent send off with those four small monster truck sets. I honestly only bought them for the minifigures and perhaps some odd parts.


Now maybe if they released more sets in the theme similiar to the Williams F1 Racer from 2002....


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The LEGO Racers were never a strong area as an investment, but I do think that several of the models were decent. However, it is dying out. I haven't seen them at any of the Targets around me (who are downsizing their LEGO aisle with only one side of LEGO, and another side with Mega Bloks and other blow-offs), at any Walmart, though maybe at a TRU or two. The fan base of the theme is made up of Ferrari fans, not fans of the LEGO theme, per se, if you know what I mean by that.

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It's a shame this theme has performed so poorly and now seems to be on the way out.  Personally I really like some of the sets, perhaps not enough to justify buying them (maybe that's a sign of the wider problem with it), but would love to see them do well so that I could at least collect them for investing.  I'm a casual F1 fan and some of the reproductions of those cars have been awesome, like the one TOK posted above.

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Guest eightbrick

LEGO could have done an entire theme of NASCAR Technic cars that would have uber-collectible.  


I think a clone brand took on NASCAR. That's one way to kill off racing fans, I guess.

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Guest idunno101

Personally I think that LEGO has merged the Racers theme with the Technic theme. This seems to be shown since there are three sets in Techinc are racers (Race Car, Grand Prix Racer, and Off-road racer links to pics below). This seems to be a good move since the big racers usually used Technic pieces anyway


Race Car 42011 - Race Car link


Off-road Racer 42010 - Off-road Racer link


Grand Prix Racer 42000 - Grand Prix Racer link

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