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75189 - First Order Heavy Assault Walker


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16 hours ago, jaisonline said:

again, this is just mu opinion.  the out result is clearly not lego's fault.  lego just followed the design art / stills given to them.  heck, i'm sure the scenes with this super-sized "planet of the apes" AT-AT cool will be cool during the movie 

Super off topic, but omg it'd be so great if someone made a Planet of the Apes IDEAS set. Based on the '68 original, could come with the Statue of Liberty sticking out of the ground and the famous scene of Taylor (Charlton Heston) hanging up in the net . Finish it off with the evil Dr. Zaius, the 2 chimp doctors, and a couple gorilla soldiers on horseback. Would be epic

Also, imo AT-AT is never gonna be done with justice in less than 2000 pieces at a minimum


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1 hour ago, Sozial said:

Just glad, i sold all of my 75054 in time. The new model maybe ugly, but it will slow 75054 for sure, since some people will Just buy the new one, so less demand for the old one!

While I do certainly think that this new FOHAW will have an impact on the growth in value of 75054, I think that's only for the short term. In the longer run, until some day a new OT AT-AT set is released, it will never be replaced in favour by the Star Wars fans. We've had decades to grow on the original Star Wars movies, having those vehicles imprinted in our brains with every repeated viewing. Now these new episodes are hot, but I'm guessing they don't have the impact and lasting appeal that the original trilogy had and still have. Just look at the The Force Awakens sets. How popular are they still now? 

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This set is such a fugly thing.

Those broken-twisted like ankles are the most ridiculous part of this construction well this bulldog face ain't any better.
Once I'm gonna see this in cinema I'll throw bare bone or  "royal canin" towards the screen.



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On ‎8‎/‎24‎/‎2017 at 5:30 AM, Val-E said:

Just what I was waiting for, a side-by-side with 75054.

That was indeed just what I was waiting for as well.

Same size, less 'elegant' and significantly more expensive than the 2014 AT-AT. Maybe if I could get it at a very steep discount I might consider it. 

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