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70620 - Ninjago City

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Finished. Well I guess I need to see the movie as there is a lot of build here that I have no clue what it is. Besides being an amazing display set, it is very busy and seems to have something differe

I'm sure there will be some mud slinging my way with what I'm about to say, but I'm going to anyways.  I understand that for some of you with Ninjago, it seems you guys tend to avoid it for investing

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3 minutes ago, Pseudoty said:

Wow, was hoping for an ancient temple. Set looks very busy and 17 minifigs. 

3rd largest lego set ever. 

I agree, I feel there should be clothes lines and power cables hanging off this thing.


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1 minute ago, exciter1 said:

I can't see lots of people forking out $350 for a Ninjago set, but hey, that's just me.

That´s why it´s going to be interesting. Maybe at 50% I´d pull the trigger but I have a tough time findin real buyers. ToA was the same, lots of great feedback but a shelfwarmer in the end.

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Going to be interesting to see how well this sells and who is buying it.

I am buying this.


The ninjago theme has been producing some solid sets. By no means have I considered myself a ninjago fan but I may have to reconsider. The theme has been mopping the floor with more popular themes as of late. I'm looking at you Star Wars.

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All you can eat sushi conveyor belt. Someone did their research. That's hilarious. The pond is cool. Love the cherry blossom.
Lots of great little ideas.

Would never buy it though.

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