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A new French guy...

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Hi everyone !

I'm 43, and a BP member for 1 year now, and I take my courage to present myself (in fact my English level is average so please forgive the mistakes). I came out from my dark age 2 years ago because of the kids. "I want a tie-fighter ! I want a x-wing !" :) I was remembering my old lego space period...And last year, Wall-E and the new SW movie were a start of buying more and more sets for my own . In fact, there's nothing to do with "LEGO better than gold", but when I found your website, this stuff changed my mind completely :D

I know it's maybe too late for great profits, but never mind, I love LEGO anyway (I still own my old sets), and I think this holiday season is very interesting (or insane as you like :))

Best regards.


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