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10255 - Assembly Square


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13 minutes ago, Pedilego said:

There are 11 modular buildings. 12 would make a full "city square" with 4 baseplates of market real estate in the middle. $400? The Lego pieces of this mystery/puzzle fit together pretty nicely.

That makes a pretty big assumption about city layouts though....  I hope that's not what this is. Not only will that break many people's displays (displaying in lines on a shelf, or cabinets) it's also next to impossible to "play with." Public spaces where people congregate come in all shapes and sizes around the world. As impressive as a 4 baseplate square might be in size, it would be terribly difficult to display and I don't see it worth $400.

(side note, sell last Fountain 40221 set just in case ...)

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1 hour ago, cladner said:

is that the reception for the kmart parking lot wedding you posted a couple of weeks ago?

the only thing more eagerly anticipated than the new modular announcement is whether any modulars retire ever again or if one or two modulars retire this year to make up for last year when none retired (or was last year making up for 2 retirements the year before???)

That's our state flower down in the lower right.

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If we wer

23 minutes ago, Phil B said:

Maybe it's my past experience living in post-Communist countries but I expect this set to be just  4 baseplates and 400 minifigs .....


Well I guess if we assume TLG follows the the same price per piece trend as the rest of the modular sets at ~.06 to .08 per, we are looking at somewhere between 5000 and 7000 pieces in this set.  We would probably need around 1000 minifigs each with a hat or wig and an accessory. (give or take a megaphone and pretzel)


But if they start throwing in stickers then that will blow my calculations.


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4 hours ago, exciter1 said:

Image result for lego modular town square

Image result for lego flea market

At first, a park like scene came to mind.  Then I thought of a few smaller buildings in a small marketplace.  Now I think it might be the first true "square" Modular, with four completed sides, with different "assembly options."  Maybe a modular within a Modular.  

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