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75146 - Star Wars Advent Calendar 2016

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the SW advent was a bust. Cash out and move on. match the lowest FBA price and you will sell out in minutes today 

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Just went to Lego b&m store yesterday and they were stocked up like mad with Star Wars and Friends Advent calendars. They also had some City calendars but not as many as the others. Employee overheard me talking about them with my wife and he said they are usually sold out by this time of the year but they had more than usual this year.

I'm guessing most stores are like this while LEGO Shop at Home is out of stock. I would imagine maybe when with the combination of Black Friday, promotional ornament availability, and Rogue One releases, that the calendars will start running out quick.

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There is a store on eBay with 73000+ feedback score which has 150 for sale at $59.99.  Also, a certain BP'ers pal in Georgia has 35 for sale at $54.99

The sales of this can have incredible velocity at lower prices closer to MSRP, but this $59.99 seller might be one to watch to adjust your price accordingly if the Advent season approaches and you're still sitting on a stack.  That much availability, I find that eBay buyers tend to think that they have time to make their purchase and sales will slow until you get to that Almost Gone tag.

The first did have a similar number of the City Advent calendar for sale, but the listing has either expired or the price has been raised.  The Georgia seller has 75 of the City Advent at $49.99

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Guest TabbyBoy
31 minutes ago, fossilrock said:

I have seen quite a few of these still hanging around in the stores.

The FRIENDS one soon went. I bought a few from Boots during their 3-for-2 plus -10% and another -10% making them £10.80 each. I sold the lot within a week for RRP £20 cash each. Star Wars not in such high demand for some reason but, it does have the white wookie.

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I would appreciate any counsel my fellow BPers can give on this predicament:

I have a decent quantity of this SA Advent calendar in Amazon warehouses. I have sold a good bit of my inventory at a price lower than I had hoped already. This year has already been disappointing to say the least. For whatever reason, Amazon has declined to have a "Buy Box" on the product listing page this year which I am sure hurts sales a bit, but the bigger problem is that the price didn't get nearly as high as it has in recent years. 

Have you ever faced a similar situation, even the possibility of needing to take a loss on sales just so you aren't stuck with them?

Am I missing anything, any other options, or any more hopeful forecast?

Thanks in advance for your counsel.

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