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9476 - The Orc Forge


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But now it says "Retiring Soon"...

They dont change it to retired until its been removed from the listing all together, an example would be weather top, its listed as retired but you cant find it directly under the LOTR theme. Also, very few if any sets go from SOLD OUT to back in stock so i would say this is it for the Orc Forge.

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Hey guys. I wanted to get your guys' thoughts on these two sets and how they would compare as investments. I think both sets have a LOT in common. Orc Forge was released summer of last year and if it is indeed retired it will have had a little over a year in production. Barrel Escape came out a year go in December and many would argue the latest TRU sell off and the LEGO Shop at Home oos may point to retirement sometime in the spring. Both sets were exclusives. Orc to Target and Barrel to TRU. Both had the exact same MSRP (though Target probably was the only one out of the two retailers that actually sold it at that price). Both had a similar piece count and finally both represent very memorable scenes from their respective films (Barrel is an educated guess as I have not seen the movie yet or read the book). 

How does everyone think they will appreciate immediately after a verifiable EOL and in the long run??? I think because of TRUs overpricing and the fact that Desolation was just released in theaters a lot of the Barrels just sat on shelves. Without the need to be replenished maybe there are a lot fewer out there than the Forges. This is a guess on my part as I wasnt collecting when the Forges were easily attainable at Target and have no idea if they were big sellers. Does anyone think there are MORE Barrels out there than Forges?? Does anybody see one set outperforming the other and if so why???

I love both sets. They both have some really cool play features and the display quality is pretty bad @$$. I cannot see either set performing badly in the future and have a healthy stash of both. Really anxious to hear what you guys think though....

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