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10 hours ago, Elkkthunder said:

My browser goes crazy with your link with all kinds of ads


10 hours ago, Lordoflego said:

Same here


Guys, there are only 2 constant ads (side banners - left and right) + 2 more small 300x300 ads on respective MOC page only, nothing else (I was paying attention to chose really the smallest 2 types - 1 vertical, 1 horizontal). If I could advice you (do not mean to sound rude or something): try to view it on some other device if you will (with more CPU power maybe...like 2GHZ+?) or try to use different browser (I tested it with FF, Chrome, K-melon, IE on desktop PC workstation, 12" tablet Asus, "classic" Notebook 15.6", 5" mobile phone - absolutely no problem at all, everything runs smoothly as it should), I even set it up the way that it does not show under some specific small resolution(s) - so if the problem persist, then I am afraid and sorry but it looks like you will probably not be able to browse my webpage cos you have to understand I cannot switch them off as I use those ads for living...sorry once again if it makes you any trouble(s). Hope it helps to clear things up a bit.

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3 minutes ago, Elkkthunder said:

it forced by ipad browser to other links without clicking any ads,

Its not that I dont like ads, it pushed from your page to other links

That is rather strange, I have no clue why is that (I can assure you it is not my work - I still do think it has something to do with browser/machine combo, other than that I have no clue)

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3 minutes ago, Zelgazra said:

^^ Can confirm, I had no issues browsing on Safari on my iMac. Loaded a flickr type site and allowed me to pan through the renders. Advanced looking build for sure bublible, very cool and absolutely spot on with the rest of your theme. :) 

Thank you, my friend

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