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LEGO sale going on at Amazon


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I made that rule. I'll make an exception for an exceptional deal. Which one are you refering to? The 3183? Is it that good?Stephanie's Cool Convertible(3183) is a great little set...yes. It is getting retired soon and for $10, you will double your money in a month or two after EOL. Heartlake Stables is another great deal. Horses are investment winners. LOL
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Little girls don't play with Legos as much as boys.

Wow. That didn't sound sexist at all. Nope.

Parents do need non-doll toys for girls.

Amen to that.

Which means higher prices for people that do have the Friends sets to resell. I can understand that people don't want to invest in sets that they don't have interest in, but for those people who want to think of LEGO sets as more of a commodity and don't really care about anything but making money, The Friends theme is the way to go. At these discounts, they are no brainers.

I agree to all of this. The only two AVATAR sets ever designed are going for the amount they can because the stock in the secondary market is extremely limited. The way how just about every member here says that they will not buy so much as one for investment sounds awfully similiar.

There is nothing wrong with just buying what you like to a point. But in some ways, investing is like marketing.

Sometimes you need to be willing to purchase what other people may like. Not everyone likes the same thing, you know?

My daughter laughs at me and says " are you looking at those purple boxes dad"

This just cracks me up! Ha ha!
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Same. But I don't buy Friends sets because they do not have as large an audience as for example, Ninjago. Little girls don't play withe Legos as much as boys.

Wrong. My girls are playing with LEGO sets for the first time (about 5 or 6 or so from "Friends" theme) and those sets are getting way more playtime than most of the other toys they have. They seem to enjoy following instructions (spatial awareness).

Glad I introduced them to LEGO sets and my wife and I use the same tools to find LEGO Friends sets at least 20% or more off - if we see one, we quickly get it.

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I also grabbed some friends. FYI Walmart in Worcester Ma, lego friends 4 different set 30% off, most out of stock at Lego or retired. This walmart is one of the biggest in the country. They had sooo much stuff in clearance, only lego though was friends. The other walmart about 15 minutes away had the Ghost train at 54 and QuinJet at 49. The walmart I was at had a few Castles and about 6 Ghost trains at full retail. I will have to keep checking in at this one.

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That werewolf set looks amazing for moc builders, 243 pieces for $13? It seems to have good pieces too, maybe someone can fill me in but if I can sell the minifigs off for $2 apiece, I still get the rest of the set for an amazing deal.

Where I live I can sell the werewolf alone for $6, not to brag.
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