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Nexo Knights 2016


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I still regret selling my Viking Ship vs. the Midgard Serpent... sigh.

I picked up this set and the Viking Fortress in a bulk buy. Very excited since I missed the whole Vikings line. I ended up selling the fortress to pay for the bulk. Kept the ship because I collect ships.

I would be very much into a new Vikings or fantasy era lineup!

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There has been a castle theme the whole time LOTR was out. problem was it just sucked. The design seemed oriented for much younger kids.


For investment, though...the Castle has done surprisingly well, especially if you got it on sale. It is selling for around $180 CAD, and I wouldn't be surprised if it fetches $200-225 by Christmas. Good time to sell, too, before a new line is released.

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While it is not confirmed completely, apparently "Nexo Knights" might be the name for this new original Space line from LEGO. Judging from a few of the names, this sounds more like what I had in mind with mixing future tech into a medieval society and not steampunk. There doesn't seem to be a real specific term for such an area of fantasy and the closest one I came across was "feudal future" which describes a society that has kept numerous advancements of technological progress yet reverted back to a lifestyle of times long forgotten.

  • SETS
    • 70310 - Knighton Disc Launchers EUR 9.99
    • 70311 - Chaos Catapult EUR 9.99
    • 70312 - Lance’s Robo Horse EUR 19.99
    • 70313 - Moltor’s Lava Launcher EUR 19.99
    • 70315 - Clay’s Blade Cruiser EUR 39.99
    • 70316 - Jestro’s Companions of Darkness EUR 49.99
    • 70330 - Ultimate Clay EUR 9.99
    • 70331 - Ultimate Macy EUR 9.99
    • 70332 - Ultimate Aaron EUR 9.99
    • 70333 - Ultimate Robin EUR 9.99
    • 70334 - Ultimate Monster Masher EUR 9.99
    • 70335 - Ultimate Lavaria EUR 9.99
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Oh oh I know...  Vision of Escaflowne: a place where advanced technology exist alongside medieval era settings.  There were knights but main guy was piloting (bio) Mecha.  The mecha could turn to dragon too, or rather it was dragon that could turn to mecha

The Vision of Escaflowne was one of those animes I heard of but never watched despite my intrigue. Interesting how the further this rumored theme continues in these bit-by-bit reveals, it is starting to sound something like a return to Exo Force (anime stylings for characters and mecha) crossed with Knights Kingdom (classic four heroes plot situated in a time of fortresses).

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Am I the only one who immediately thought "Future Knight"??? Used to play that all the time on my Amstrad CPC 464.

**crickets** (like the sound out of that little AY soundchip).

Any guesses if this will be properly minifig-scale or something dreadful like Jack Stone or (deep breath) Galidor scaled with constructed figs?

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It could be close of something like Bravestarr. Especially the horse

Switch the wild west aspect with the dark ages and that sounds about right. (Bravestarr was awesome by the way.) Remember how Eternia in the original He-Man series was set in a futuristic fantasy of science fiction and castles? That could be another possibility.

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A source with a good reputation has stated there will be around 14-15 sets in the first wave. Yeah, let that sink in for a minute. Also there was something elsewhere that the theme's name might be "Knights Nexo" and not the other way around. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue that way, does it? Plus a general rumor in the mill the enemies will harken back to the Fantasy age with Orcs and Trolls. FOR THE HORDE!!!!

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