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What Makes Up an Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) **SURVEY RESULTS**

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Hey fantastic looking illustration, but I have one question, city as a top 3 favourite theme has to include advanced models right? Otherwise some kind of body snatchers thing is going on surely..............

The top three themes don't surprise me really. You have Star Wars taking the spot of most everyone's space tastes, Creator covers a lot of ground in offering up a variety of builds main interests being the current modular houses and advanced models, and a lot of people like creating a custom town of some sort making City the one evergreen theme anyone can relate to.

I personally have almost the same amount of City sets as Star Wars but if I were to also include classic Town, the total would end up beating Star Wars easily. Lately I have found myself more attracted to City in general than Star Wars honestly which can be attributed to Star Wars feeling like the same thing over and over again with just a couple new items sprinkled about to make it seem fresh for a little while again. Not to mention all the City stuff that isn't just another Police or Firefighter set like the Auto Transporter, Service Truck, or that new one with a port-a-potty. I gotta have me one of those! Haha.

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Just seeing this now, fantastic!! That`s a good number of people to survey as well, though at some point it might be beneficial to enlist more participants, say several thousand. You`de think the data would still hold up fairly consistently. 


Regardless though, this is really great, I love the presentation. There are some quite well off folks in our midst, judging from the income section, not really that surprised when you take a look at some of the posts in the "collection/stockpile" thread. 


I`m honestly not surprised at all (I was a couple years ago) that many are interested in collecting primarily, the hobby really is about a personal connection. It`s about being able to materialize these awesome creations whether personal builds or official TLG sets, that`s worth more than making money any day. Sure there`s that too, obviously, but you get my point. Especially those coming out of the dark ages. Anyway, again awesome data and presentation. Thanks very much for sharing with the community!

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