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Here are some more cool MOCs from Eurobricks.com.
Designer: Lego Junkie
Name: "Welcome to District 9"
I have never seen the movie, but I still think it looks cool regardless.
Designer: Lindon
Name: "Small house from fairy tale"
It looks sweet and I like the "smoke" coming out of the chimney.
Designer: markus1984
Name: Episode VI - "The End"
This is awesome! It has a lot of detail.










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Guest eightbrick

This creative Snowmobile MOC dripping with NPUs was made by Nathan Wells, a great Brickfilmer on Youtube


For anyone who wants to check out his Brickfilms, here's a sample of what he can do (unfortunately his channel has become overrun with Minecraft stuff but his older Lego videos are very good).


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Guest eightbrick

I have been playing around with the idea of building LEGO mechs, and finally finished a few models. These models are done by me, so if you post these somewhere than please give credit.

Very nice, good job!

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Guest eightbrick

I feel like I'm in enemy camp... lol just kidding. Chicago is hard not to like, fast game, young players, Chelsea Dagger as their goal song... :D Hahaha I hate to bring up water cooler talk but man, San Jose is looking really good... To continue to deviate from the topic (oops), does anyone remember these?


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Guest eightbrick

Ooh, I love that cupcake shop. The vegetation around it is great too. This MOCer has shown up a couple times on various sites, but nonetheless, I'll share him again. His name is John and he does a lot of modern architecture and furniture (I know you're thinking furniture? What?) Here's some pics:




Here's the link to his awesome furniture "catalog", filled with NPUs :D


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Whether or not you have seen this incredibly accurate display of New New York City from the TV series Futurama by Pepe Quin, here you go.





Flickr collection

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A semi custom minifigure on eBay you could make at home really for possibly the most famous character in slasher horror films.



A pirate zombie head wearing a reddish brown fedora wielding Wolverine's claws. Pretty much the only custom part here is the striped red t-shirt I think (unless there is an actual set with one I don't know about). Anyone else found some custom minifigures they would like to share?

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