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Welcome New Moderators

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I have no doubt that this is inevitable

all come one, after it was explained to me as to why certain things cant be posted and I completly understand I've been on my best behavior.

Any other sly remarks were just a feable attempt to boost my ever growing ego and rise to power in the BS crew by obtaining a personal waxer.

It seems as I have now achieved my goal. So, we will start the bidding at 5 dollars for the popsicle to bid for the chance to be hxckid88s personal assist....

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Great thread and congrats Gentleman. This is outstanding news for both our Forum and the fine nation of Canada.


Thank YOU, Canada- for producing a new moderator for our site, for Canada-Dry ginger ale, and... other stuff you've given us... like... well, I've said it before.


Please take back Nickelback.


That lead singer finally cutting his ridiculous hair didn't make their music any less horrible.  We'll keep Avril Lavigne down here (thank you). I digress.


Again- Congrats!

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