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40121 - Painting Easter Eggs

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Well if there was one set I would love to see resurrected from the dead it would be this one...  Just for some more PEE jokes!

Lucky with LEGO retired doesn't mean retired anymore so I got my wish.


Painting Easter Eggs

  • Item: 40121
  • Ages:7+
  • VIP Points: 0
  • Pieces:153
  • Retired product


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Are you guys holding your PEE long term or relieving yourself of them during the Easter rush?

In the back of the instructions for the Valentine's Day Dinner set, there was this picture showing the next possible small seasonal set of a diorama. No official name just yet same as the other for a

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40202 is kinda out too,  technically Mar 1st so yes there could be 2 out this year with last years redone, depends on exactly where last years goes

wouldn't expect it in actual B&M stores but Merlin stores along with select retailers should get

they tend to not directly like to have the retired product they reprinted back in there stores

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On 2/10/2016 at 1:58 PM, justapilgrim said:

Been unloading the 20 or so that languished since last year at a good clip. To compare I sold almost all my.thanksgiving and ToT sets quickly at higher prices

after waiting this long holding my PEE, i'm going to wait just a little more to see if i can get more golden.  

Easter is still 6 weeks away ... so hopefully others will release their PEE and flood the market and then remaining sellers can hold firm on price.

except that there is new PEE in production apparently so all bets are off with this set.

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