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What was your 'worse' cancelled order from Lego in 2014?

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Maybe you got disappointed your SSD, Rover or HH order got cancelled?


Mine is actually a small/cheap set...Chima Stinger Duel that was on sale :) Purchase meant as surprise for my son, received email notice today that it was cancelled due to no stock...after I made the order early this week, was told they have 10 left and got order number for 2 sets I purchased.  Weird.  Guess they don't really 'hold' the product for you or inventory/warehouse had mix up?  Maybe I should of got express shipping haha.  Good thing I didn't tell my son or he'll be disappointed for sure.  Lego rep gave me $10 in vip pts as apology...nice token gesture.


Any Canadians that has ONE extra Stinger Duel set and want to do a trade lmk :)               



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Guest TabbyBoy

Mine was 5x Maersk 3E but, I already had a bunch anyway.  I've had loads of promos cancelled but, the policy is one per household per promotional period.

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I think it was the 90+ Vampyre Hearse order @ $9 a pop that was cancelled, then to see that iktart b____ get all his, BS!. Glad he got caught in that sting in AZ.


They did however fill the order of 9, so it was not a total loss.


Oh!  Didn't realize it was him that got caught in the sting...


Here a link to the story from August.  *I* don't know if he's involved.  But, the 'sting' that was mentioned was a police investigation into stolen toys, including Lego, in the Phoenix area.

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That's the one. I assume he is one of them, he sure liked to brag about the ridiculous amount of sets he purchased/acquired. But you know what happens when you assume...............


I do know, that right around the time this story broke, did not heard much from him (anything actually). Just putting two and two together.................


I'm sure BA will know more.

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