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Elves 2015



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  1. 1. Do you like the theme?

    • Yes
    • No
    • A little
  2. 2. Who is your favorite elf?

    • Azari Firedancer, elf of the vigorous flame
    • Aira Whisperwind, elf of the great breeze
    • Naida Riverheart, elf of the serene water
    • Farran Leafshade, elf of the healing earth
    • Skyra, gentle queen of the elves
    • I like all of them!
    • I don't have one.

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I concur.


That boat... is... strange. And people are knocking the Sea Cow. Wow. I'm not sure my head is right for these new LEGO lines.


It will be interesting to see if this new line attracts new buyers or simply cuts into the other two lines that seem unashamedly aimed at girls. I will be giving these a very wide berth, as I doubt they'll be discounted enough for me to try and flip them this holiday season. I'll see how they sell during Q4 this year and re-evaluate then...but I don't know that this line is going to make a lot of investors a lot of money.

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I did. We bought the boat. The set was a fun build and my 5 year old daughter immediately went I to playing in a fantasy world. She had never done that before. Love love love these, inked elves is a nice touch too.

Cool colours and pieces.

Is this a quick flip? Nope. Will the line be successful? Very much so.

Will you make money on them in the short term? Nope.

No one is biting on the ones amazon slipped out


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No one is biting on the ones amazon slipped out



Because mom, dad and little johnny betty are not aware of the existence ot these sets. These kind of people are ok to buy those kind of sets x2 RRP because they are so clueless about the lego line-up...


Once childs will start to talk about it at school or see their little cousin play with it, they will ******.E.E.D those sets.


Beware Xmas 2015, beware... I can read "Xmas gift" printed on these sets.

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Here are the three winners (in every point of view). :)


41077 is playmobil. ://


I had to check the LEGO logon on the box to be sure. 

Unsure whether this is the "expansion too far"


And all these utra agents & avengers themes... playability >>>> building


Is that a good strategy LT?? (reminds me of the 80ties a little)

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This is a new theme, not the new wave of a popular one (mixels, friends...).

So it's normal that it's not successful so soon.

It needs some TV commercials to wake up the interest of little girls.

Or walk into the store. My wife and daughter saw them without me pointing them out (I wasn't with them) and they fell in love.

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(...) they fell in love.


Me too ! I'm so sad these sets are still not available here ! I was even considering to import some sets from Germany...

Sometimes we say "invest in what you like". I feel like I would resell everything I have and invest in the first wave of Elves. ^^

I real think (hope?) it will be a success and am thinking of a shortage of some sets on Xmas.


I love the front arts of the boxes

I love the minifigs (most of the time I really don't care about minifigs but here the details on the minifigs just amaze me)

I love the colors of the bricks

I love the vehicules (and hope more will come)

I love the girly-fantasy-universe and the adevntures ("let's get the stones" !" is so much interesting than "let's have a smoothie !")


I'm really tempted to get some at RRP (that's crazyness !) for my own collection...

And I am really curious to get the opinions of my friends who do not care about lego sets...

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My daughter was waiting for these to come out and bought some 10% off over the weekend (the bakery and the tree top hideaway).


She really liked them and have to say they are very detailed and the colors are deep and rich compared to the friends line. (Bakery has a lot of similar looks to Unexpected Gathering)


Had some neat features and she's ready for the rest lol.  Should do just fine down the road.  

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