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Elves 2015


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  1. 1. Do you like the theme?

    • Yes
    • No
    • A little
  2. 2. Who is your favorite elf?

    • Azari Firedancer, elf of the vigorous flame
    • Aira Whisperwind, elf of the great breeze
    • Naida Riverheart, elf of the serene water
    • Farran Leafshade, elf of the healing earth
    • Skyra, gentle queen of the elves
    • I like all of them!
    • I don't have one.

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I really like the new dragons as well. Are you talking about this castle @Alpinemaps? I saw it at Target tonight. It's a really good looking set. As an added bonus, I feel like this set has a Malefice

These sets have special mystical powers so they are more expensive.   

Spotted these 'in the wild' today.

Posted Images

Images, probably already shared:




I'm not sure how well these will do.  LOTR/Hobbit didn't sell as well as Lego hoped, and I see the Disney sets way outselling Elves.  Elves is kindof nerdy (not that I personally have a problem with that).


1. They need unicorns to sell this line, purple dolphins are not going to cut it.  


2. The box art is too good.  I am more interested to learn / read / watch more about the elves as pictured on the upper right of the boxes than the actual sets / LEGO elves..

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The first images we saw featuring the builds with mainly lavender, purple, and various shades of blue are winners to me while these latest additions not so much although I do like seeing leaves in new colors like the Treetop Hideaway in particular.

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I noticed that Mega Bloks Barbie got a headstart on the fairy/fantasy theme. It's really too bad MB bricks are so badly executed, because the set concepts are super cutel There's so much potential with the fairy wings and mermaid tails. More appealing to little girls than say, Elves.






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My only complaint is how awkwardly stiff the animation in the teasers feel. The whole scene is beautifully done as are the characters but their movement just seems off. Maybe if the transition from one frame of movement to the next was smoother.

I got Captain Planet vibes from those teasers: "When 5 powers combined.. "

(btw, I just realized the end song for Captain Planet was an NKOTB rip-off :D)

"The power is YOURS!" A bunch of Lego's theme have some sort of 'five rangers of power' in particular Bionicle and Ninjago. Funny thing with Captain Planet, I always remembered the tune playing through the credits more than anything else about the series.
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From 1'18" to the end:

Really cute stuff, pegasus, the queen, etc. Really nice. But come on, these are no more legos...


First of all - there is no such word as "legos"...


Beside this, take a look on Fabuland - much more "no more Lego"...



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First of all - there is no such word as "legos"...


Beside this, take a look on Fabuland - much more "no more Lego"...




What I meant is that this (really, really) cute minifigures ressemble more and more to non-lego stuff (is LEGO trying to steal Playmobil's market ?)


"legos" is not official:  it's just quicker and more simple... In my country 99.99% of the people say "legos" and not "briques de construction LEGO" (LEGO bricks). A bad habit I guess...


Oh, BTW, Fabuland is more "lego" (system) than Elves, because fabuland minifigs can seat on studs, and friends/elves can't... ;)

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