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minecraft available again on amazon

Doofy McGee

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Edit: Where are you seeing that it's limited to 1 per account anyway? I remember seeing it (it was probably mentioned in this thread), but I don't see that mentioned anywhere on Amazon at least when I checked now? I also seem to be able to add another Minecraft (3rd one) into cart - which makes it 2nd for an account, the checkout button was available, but I backed out anyway.

When you actually go to check out, it will give you an error saying that you need to remove it from your cart because you already ordered one.

BTW, I believe that the quantities jump around because people can cancel their order for up to two hours after it is placed. So, as people cancel their orders, or if their payments get rejected, the quantities for sale will actually go up. Also, if a customer returns one or if the order is not deliverable then you will occasionally see one pop up for sale in a few days.

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How do you check their inventory? I did not see the numbers on Amazon.

Using a trick mentioned earlier in this thread - add item to your cart, update quantity to 999, then hitting "update". It will mention how many are actually left. Nifty trick ;)

After it "ran out", the stock's back to 74 again. I guess as sergex said, people cancel orders or payments fail, so they calculate how many are still left and sell those. Rinse & repeat.

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I overpaid for my five copies months ago. Flipped them during the holiday season and made a small profit just to get my original investment back. My son is really in to Minecraft (not so much Lego) and was bugging me to part with one of my previous sets. I have been trying forever to grab one at this price and was finally able to today, so thanks OP !

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Every night my newborn wakes me up because he can't sleep unless he is being held. I always check this site to keep myself from falling asleep. Tonight I am glad he got me up when he did because I finally got one of these sets. I think all the profits from it will go straight into his college fund.

Ha. So true.

I have a 10 week old myself. Still wakes me up 1 once per night. It helps with this stuff and playing whatifsports.com

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FU%# me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fell asleep 10 mins before u posted this. I'm sooooo pissed!!! this is gonna ruin my day lol just kidding..............not kidding!

Same thing happened to me!! I left the site five minutes before they posted this!!! I really wanted this set too!

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Anyone get an email from Amazon saying it shipped yet? I guess I am getting paranoid that there was some kind of funny business going on and we are all gonna find out our orders are cancelled or something. Lol.

Mine shipped yesterday afternoon.

The order placed with my wife's account will ship on 1/16 which is strange since my order was placed only 4 mins earlier.

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