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Vehicles you would like to see in LEGO


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After recreating a couple real life cars in LEGO, I wonder what vehicle(s) do you think would make great designs in LEGO? It can be any scale (micro, minifig, model/UCS, Technic, etcetera) and style (classic, new, concept, fantasy, video game, and so on) you enjoy. For example, I would love to have a Ultimate Collector Series scale 1956 Chevy with the classic red and white color scheme. This sweet ride would have a special display on my shelf and never be taken down!

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I think LEGO is missing the boat with the UCS(Ultimate Collector's Series) sets. There could be a ton of advanced models done for the UCS theme. LEGO changes up its categories all the time...Large Scale, Creator, Expert, UCS...whatever. There should be one UCS theme, that could include a set from every theme if warranted. For example...There could be a UCS LOTR set or a UCS SuperHero(like the UCS Batmobile from several years ago) set. Collectors would eat them up.

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I'm prepared to take crap for this, but I am just going to say it...

Early 70s AMC Gremlin, in the ugly colors they were available in. :)

I thought about converting the Gremlin into LEGO. Would look nice alongside its Pacer brother. Now all we need is the Ford Pinto to park right next to these other cars, and then blow up for no good reason. Haha.

I think LEGO is missing the boat with the UCS(Ultimate Collector's Series) sets. There could be a ton of advanced models done for the UCS theme. Collectors would eat them up.

I know right? I love these kind of builds. Great parts and greater building challenges. Maybe we can see a UCS style Batman Tumbler in the future? One can hope.

A red double-decker bus, or black London taxi would be cool...

I've thought of the bus before, but not a Londan taxi. Just looked up one of those 'hackney carriages'. Very nice design. That's a really good idea.

Well here's another one for you.

1958 Plymouth Fury (aka "Christine")

What? I LOVE classic cars, I just can't help myself! :-)

Or how about, since we have the Volkswagen Bus, why not the Volkswagen Beetle?

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If we are gonna go classic, there should be a Ford Model T, maybe throw in 57 Bel-Air, or 150 as some one else suggested and how about the new Lambo Aventador, the right angles on that car would look sharp in a 1:18th scale Lego set

All great designs. Love the Bel-Air, can't get more classic than the Model T, and if someone could recreate the Lamborghini Aventador in LEGO that would just blow your mind!

Firas Abu-Jaber has this sweet gallery of Lamborghini MOCs!

(No Aventador, though. Atleast not yet.)

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I'm sure most of you have seen these custom models, but I think Lego should release more actual car models as sets. I know that they have done Ferrari and Lamborghini, but there are som many other cool models that collectors would love. I'm a BMW and German car lover so the poll is a little biased. :D Tell us what you would want!

Gallery link.

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Yeah, I'd also love to see a Mini Cooper (my wife would love it even more as she actually drives one).

I think it's pretty doable, the brand has a huge following and there's already a ton of merchandising out there.

BMW owns all rights to the Mini brand. New and old.

How about a E-Type Jaguar? Series I or II before they messed up the styling.

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