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Comparison between baseball cards and LEGO

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The more I see what is happening, the more it reminds me of the baseball card phenomenon of the mid to late 80's.


For those that weren't around for the baseball card crash, here's a quick synopsis.


Cards started gaining a tremendous resurgence around 1984. People started jumping in around this time that had no interest in it before.


The markets got so large, and card companies so greedy, the amount of production skyrocketed in the late 80's and early 90's, to the point there was too much to choose from, and nothing was hard to find.


Oversaturation killed the market.


I see the same thing happening right now.


There has always been interest in LEGO, but there has only been interest in LEGO collecting by the masses in the last year or so.

I can see a point where LEGO churns out so much of each set, that it becomes somewhat similar to what happened in the ball card market.


Exclusives will surely be the only way to go soon, but even with that, production levels are still not "low"

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It's funny though, 1984 and 1985 are the only complete sets I have.  I have many from 1977 - 1983, but no complete sets. This includes football, basketball, and movie cards too.  I have many more baseball cards than these other types, but I have a decent collection of football cards too.


Oversaturation and the Internet kind of killed it.


I mean, are the LEGO aisles much more cramped than they were 10 years ago?

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