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New Exclusives: UCS Tumbler, UCS Slave I, Mini Cooper, Exo Suit and more...

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From The Brick Fan:

As we mentioned in our post of the July 2014 Store Calendar, there will be an exclusive LEGO set being revealed at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con. Brickset has updated their database with a listing for an Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) set with set number 76023. It is listed under the DC Comics/Universe Super Heroes theme.

As we all know, SDCC is the mecca of comic and movie news so putting two and two together, I can say with a 99.9% certainty that it will most likely be the Tumbler that we did an article about back in February. If this is true, the Tumbler will be the second Batman-themed set with UCS label with The Batmobile (7784) being the first. With all the cool sets that LEGO has released or will be releasing in the future, 2014 has been awesome so far with still six months left in the year! How do you guys feel about having a UCS Tumbler being released this year?

We seriously can only hope  :money:  :money:  :money:



"Rumored" New upcoming sets(All prices and information subject to change and might not be 100% accurate)

76023 UCS The Tumbler $199.95

75060 UCS Slave I $199.95

10242 Mini Cooper $99.95

21109 Exo-Suit $34.95

10245 Santa's Workshop $69.95

21050 Studio $159.95

21110 Research Center $19.95

42030 VolvoL350F Wheel Loader $249.95

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Please! For the love of all-things-plastic-brick-goodness, let it be true. It had better not be that other rumoured Adam West batmobile. That would be a dagger to the heart if there ever was one. Thanks for sharing, you`ve made my day!

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I hope so.  Maybe (Warning!  Unrealistic dreaming!) it will be 4000+ pieces and will be at least three feet long with tons of details.  I highly doubt that, though.  It seems that LEGO doesn't like to use that many pieces, even on UCS models.


Dreaming aside, I do think that a tumbler will be made eventually.  It would be weird for LEGO to just sit and watch the 75th anniversary of Batman go by.  I doubt that it is coming in July, however.... I think that we will be getting the Mini Cooper first.

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