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  2. remember many buyers don't read past the title so must state "incomplete" or "99% complete" I'm a fan of full disclosure; tell all you know. As a frequent buyer of used sets, I really like it when the actual condition of the set is described. Things like "Displayed only" or adult built and displayed speaks for itself. If it's a pricey set I always need the seller to explicit state condition (items like yellowing of white pieces is a big deal; but often not mentioned on older sets even if they were displayed only)
  3. Green baseplate actually is the same price ($4.99). I bought three of each (because limits) at Target to get free shipping.
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  5. I do similar. In the description I tell how it is in new condition but with opened bags. The rest of the bags are still sealed in new condition. I start the ebay auction with a used price and let it go from there. Right or wrong, I let the community determine the value. So far it has worked well. I will also make it as clear as possible exactly how complete it is. If there are minifigures or not (which is usually not if a bag has been opened). I prefer to NOT reuse opened bags. I received an ebay auction that was listed as new and had all three LEGO bags for the set. I was very excited to receive the set in new condition (how it was advertised) until I realized there were no minifigures in bag #1. After examining bag #1, I discovered it had been opened and resealed. That's just deceptive in my book. If you're going to reuse the bag, use a rubber band around it or something so people can see it has been opened. More annoying was discovering it was missing a few pieces to boot.
  6. I guess this is an algorithm question. Why is the blue baseplate rightfully showing up in the above 20%+ sale list (target, walmart) but the green baseplate which as the same 20%+ sale (target, walmart), does not? Or the Gray 48 x 48 stud baseplate for that matter? Thanks.
  7. Most of my B&N order from their 30% off sale last week have been cancelled. Also, they supposed to send me 5x of a set but they sent me a book and 4x set. The book is current day topical but I'd rather have my set instead
  8. I was thinking of going the PO Box route as well, but I'm all ears on a better option too. For me, I am set up as a business so my name won't show, but my address would. I'd prefer that not be the case since it is my home address.
  9. I'm in the same boat as you are. I'm adding a DBA to my sole proprietorship. Hopefully i will be able to change my real name with a DBA name. I will also purchase a PO Box from USPS so i could change my business address. You can get a small box for 13 months for $128. If anyone has a better idea please share your thoughts.
  10. are folks removing all rubber bands for best performance?
  11. 99% complete. 13 out of 15 bags still sealed. Price it somewhere between used complete, and new sealed. I've had to play this game many times, and I've never heard anything from buyers.
  12. That opens up a can of worms sometimes with account verification or suspension after changing stuff. Also gets confusing having business address, mailing address, ship from address etc being different. It is easier to have everything streamlined with one address matching your Amazon storefront and business name, especially to make sure all invoices match. I'm have a single member LLC (non S-corp) The IRS doesn't recognize single member LLCs, so Amazon forced me into registering as a sole-prop using my personal name as tax entity. I'm not as concerned about having my address displayed, but I don't want my name displayed.
  13. I have a few Amzn returned sets that are partially opened which I want to unload on eBay as used sets. There may be 1 or 2 bags that were opened but most of the bags are still sealed. Some of the sets are missing a few little pieces like 1x4 flats, parts of the base that nobody can see once the build is completed. I can easily replace them with pieces of different colors. But I do not feel like placing a bunch of Bricklink orders to replace something that is not visible at the end. How much of these should be disclosed in my eBay listing? Do I need to list all of the small pieces I replace with different color ? In your experience, are the used set buyers so anal they would complain if I replace 1x4 red flat with a 1x4 grey?
  14. If they base it on the information input during the tax questionnaire, it would end up being that. Their email was a bit confusing because if that's how they do it in MX and they are wanting to align US to MX, I'm not sure why they pointed people to the display name and business address in the email. Regardless, I guess it's time to shift everything under a legal entity that will allow me to avoid having my name and home address displayed.
  15. Nope, everyting works the same ... check out Jang's video around the 1:10 mark, where he has it running (on one side):
  16. Im curious if this was done for turning radius purposes? I can see the appeal for this mod if only for display as it looks 10x better with the gaps filled in. My question is, does this mod sacrifice function?
  17. I spent too much, but it was really the only figure from SW that I didn't have that is attainable. I purchased the opened one for a good price by today's prices and then got the opportunity to grab the sealed one from a collector downsizing and got for a good price by today's standards. That said, still really expensive for a figure. As for your '08 purchase, I got back into this Lego stuff in 2011 and that figure was already a couple hundred bucks sealed, so I'd guess you spent a bit less than that as the figures were probably still pretty fresh and easily attainable as those sets would have been on the shelf still and being actively opened up.
  18. If they are following MX and EU (which they state they are) they will be displaying the "legal business name" and the "place of establishment address". This is why we quit selling in Mexico about a year ago. Hopefully they make an exception for the USA and only show the "display name" but I am not hopeful given that they state there will be uniformity of this policy across the USA, EU and MX. As an example that is relevant to most sellers on this board who RA lego, toys, etc see amazon seller Magnum Marketplace. The "Display Name" is Magnum Marketplace. If you visit this sellers offerings on Amazon MX they display the person's name and home address. This is why we quit on MX as brand owners were using this information to file cease and desist/lawsuits etc. I imagine once Amazon starts displaying this information competitors will be mailing fake cease and desist letters etc to knock their competitors off listings. I can see why Amazon is giving this information to buyers but unfortunately it is sellers who are going to abuse it.
  19. Or they send you the correct part in the wrong color. That happened for one of my five orders too. Ugh.
  20. Recently found two sealed ones that I forgot I purchased on Ebay back in 2008. Trying to locate an electronic receipt to see how much I spent on them.
  21. That is the worst. Or, when you get the order right, and the seller tells you afterward they are short one part. Or, when you receive the order, they missed one part.
  22. Personally woujld l;ove to see the 20% deals....while they dont always seem like a great deal, finding the right Arch/Speed Champs etc for 20% can be a good bulk buy
  23. When you place five different Bricklink orders to complete an incomplete set to resell and you miss one piece. Yes, one piece. Damn you dark brown 1 x 4 tile! Measure twice and cut once. Or in the case of Bricklink, check twice and then check again before placing order.
  24. A step in the instructions from a bootleg Lego set. I wonder if they provide the knife tool?
  25. good point, I think that is the only way to get mario currently received second email delayed to july 23..... I thought the first email strange but with target recently releasing other sets ahead of LEGO Shop at Home maybe this is the same.?.?
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