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  2. I can build pretty high wall around my house with my supply, without opening the boxes
  3. Smart move. Don't get high off your own supply.
  4. Don't get too good at it or you'll get the ban hammer. Or they restrict your max bet to $0.01, like they did my account haha.
  5. Anyone with any experience with Bricks and Pieces bans? I have used the service, only for personal set usage, primarily for stickers that regularly come damaged. I got flagged on a recent single sticker order and banned from using Bricks and Pieces. Chatted with several people at LEGO and it seems this is irreversible. The frustrating part is that I can't even purchase replacements stickers. Every option to get replacement stickers talks about how they'll replace them no matter what, if they're getting old or you put them on incorrectly, etc.....but I can't use that service and now I can't buy them. Is Bricklink my only option now? Super bummer. I'm very wary of buying any more large sets with chances there will be a sticker issue and then having to pay an additional Bricklink cost.
  6. My daughter turned 14 today. I’d swear it was just a couple months ago we were dropping her off at daycare…Congrats on the new job!
  7. Got into a new and financially dangerous hobby a couple weeks ago when online sportsbook became legal in my state. I used to play online poker before it was banned so this is the next best thing I suppose. I guess I'm only considering this a hobby now...until it's not. NFL wildcard weekend was pretty much a jug of gasoline on an otherwise small candle fire.
  8. Today
  9. I like to chop and stack wood for my outdoor fire pit, snowboard in winter and golf in summer. I also very much enjoy riding my atv, motorcycle and snowmobiles. Not sure if those are considered hobbies, but some of my favorite pastimes.
  10. Sounds exactly like my 12 year old nephew.
  11. https://federalnewsnetwork.com/workforce/2022/01/court-blocks-vaccine-mandate-for-federal-employees/
  12. Bought several Statue of Liberty from Zavvi last time it was this price. Putting them in a rock tumbler would have been less destructive. Terribly packaged. Everyone arrived damaged. Good if you don't care about the boxes.
  13. We dropped our daughter off at daycare today for her first full day of daycare. It'd weird having more time without a baby needing you during the day. It's also my last day of work until I start my new job at the end of the month. Time sure does fly.
  14. Kids' interests change as they get older. $120 LEGO sets could be hits 2 Christmas in a row but Pokemon Elite Trainer box was high in Santa's list the very next year. Then it was a Switch console + various games
  15. Fun Fact for fans of Rifftrax, and more specifically, Birdemic: Alan Bagh (Rod-slrpnls) was in the last episode of BoBF. Probably his best work. Lol.
  16. Wee Doggie, that has to be a wild scene.
  17. In the same boat, granted I have 4 kids with the oldest being 5. Hoping one day the kids can build me a UCS Casket out of all the sets to at least break even.
  18. we're on year 2 of our incomplete MILF taking up the living room coffee table. Its been a chore and pretty much stopped us in our heels in terms of building sets (prior we would build a set a month). Even the boy has a huge backlog of unopened Christmas and Birthday presents of sealed sets stacked in his room. I have essentially given up on building my backlog...oddly enough tho it doesn't stop me from adding to it almost weekly.
  19. Oddly enough, same here. I have so many Lego sets in my backlog, and I haven't built anything since MILF about three years back. In addition to sealed sets, I have several loose modulars (Cafe Corner, Green Grocer, etc.) I need to build to ensure they're complete before I sell them. It's weird how I'm not chomping at the bits to build them.
  20. Batmobile links to The Tumbler Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Looks like holiday season 2022 will be a great time to bust out 60223 - Harvester Transport.
  22. LEGO Porsche 911 Collectable $119 + Free Shipping – code: 911PORSCHE https://us.zavvi.com/toys-lego/lego-creator-expert-porsche-911-collectable-model-10295/13026459.html LEGO Statue of Liberty $82.99 + Free Shipping – code: LEGOSTATUE https://us.zavvi.com/toys-lego/lego-architecture-statue-of-liberty-building-set-21042/11733113.html LEGO Batmobile $199.99 + Free Shipping – code: BATMOBILE https://us.zavvi.com/toys-lego/lego-dc-batman-batmobile-tumbler-car-set-for-adults-76240/13314544.html
  23. Agreed. But now is harder because of devaluation and credit card restrictions. But it still pays my upcoming vacation to Hawaii Currently I have about 1 million combined points/miles
  24. Santa's Visit keeps popping in and out at Kohls for $79.99...https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-5551143/lego-santas-visit-10293-building-kit-1445-pieces.jsp?prdPV=152
  25. I just realize all of my current hobbies include sitting in front of a monitor screen (video games, watching Youtube, etc). Probably need to go back to building & customizing Gundam plastic models. Sadly selling LEGO turned me off to building with LEGO.
  26. I also enjoy Sudokus, Logic Puzzles and Nonograms.
  27. my current score is 833 and I churn credit cards like they are going out of style.
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