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  2. When I get the same "What's your bottom price?" messages for five of my listings, and I go to add the user to my blocked buyers list, and he's already there.
  3. Yes, I missed it, but I'll admit that most of my time on here before was spent in the Brickfolio. Since it's offline, and I cracked the seal on my storage unit, I'm venturing back out of my hole. I'm glad I didn't go too deep on Chima, Ninjago and Nexo Knights, but I am glad I did on Bionicle. Although my cost of entry on Chima was 50-75% off, and many are above RRP now, so I doubt I will lose anything. Most of the Bionicle I got for $3-7, but now they're going for $15-60 depending on the set. Nice little profit there percentage-wise (assuming there is still a market). I am in VERY deep into Star Wars, but that's mainly because I collected Star Wars for more than two decades (even non-LEGO), so that was more "collecting" than "investing". Everything else was meant to subsidize that collecting habit.
  4. Yes, remove the price stickers. Always use a heat gun and, if necessary, a Scotty Peeler and some Goo Gone. I've seen a bunch of "I was overcharged!!!!1!!!!" negative feedback over the years because sellers didn't remove price stickers.
  5. You must’ve missed my post where i confessed to giving my failed “investments” to my kids’ friends that I dislike. See Jyn Buildable.
  6. I am finishing up the long process of closing out my storage unit and getting prepped to sell. I moved the last of the shelves upstairs around 11:00 PM last night, and today (between working the day job) I've been unboxing, sorting and shelving sets. I picked up the last two loads and swept out the unit yesterday, to that chapter is closed. I can't finish building my theater room until I clean it out, so lots of stuff going on the market soon. Oh, since non-LEGO stuff, I'll focus on the room itself. It now has walls, doors, and climate control.
  7. LOL! This is exactly what was going through my mind when I saw clearance stickers in eBay listings. I was hoping it wasn't a thing, but you never know. I record Pawn Stars, and they had a similar situation with a Saved By the Bell doll that had a clearance sticker on it, and the "expert" said it didn't effect value. Then I saw them on eBay. i always removed them in the past, so I thought I'd just double check that it wasn't all of a sudden a "thing".
  8. Unless you would also think it was wise to add a note with a shipment such as "Hey dumbass, thanks for giving me $200 for a set I just paid $15 for" Yes, removing the clearance sticker is a very good idea.
  9. It’s even more depressing when you watch the speed runs and realize most of the challenging moments were completely avoidable (including the need for scrolls to blast through the narrow passages in the final stage).
  10. Yes, that first TMNT game is insanely difficult. Even as an experienced and intelligent adult, try beating that game without using a walkthrough or any external help, and you'll soon be banging your shell against the screen.
  11. Yes! I never got past that turtle van level either.
  12. I hate that I know you're talking about the left one. That swimming level was a beast, and then once you get to drive the car, I could never even figure out where to go!
  13. Yesterday
  14. Most of my favorites right there but f**ck that ninja turtles game
  15. No Minecraft Mountain Cave craziness (WOW!!) but sold a sealed Darth Revan for $70 shipped on eBay. I accepted the offer which was a little lower than market value because I have six more to sell.
  16. If they do any remake, I would hope it would actually be something like the Skylab launch pad. That would be the top 2/3 of the Saturn V but hopefully include the Launch Pad. That way we finally get a launch pad that we've always wanted for our Saturn Vs.
  17. Noted. And I have one. I've used that trick before. Thanks!
  18. I was planning to gift the Chima sets to my nephews, but I failed to get them interested. They're more interested in computer games and sports than they are sitting down to build something. It's too bad. So now everything is getting ready for resale.
  19. That's what I figured. This is the auction that actually made me question things: https://www.ebay.com/itm/143646465228?nordt=true&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2546137.m43663.l10137 Thanks for the feedback.
  20. minecraft mountain cave for $939 fbm ($1002 with tax).
  21. There is going to be a re-release, I'm sure, such a popular set. But who knows when... maybe they'll just do a slightly smaller & changed up 18+ Saturn 5 for $90, doesn't have to be the IDEAS set...
  22. Zelda was an unknown commodity in 86. I remember the original commercial made little sense. But for some reason I wanted the game. The gold packaging probably helped.
  23. I’m hoping they start the phase out of the “old style” creator / expert sets and retire those, and phase in the new black box sets quickly. We may see the resurrection of older creator sets into their new upgraded boxes.
  24. I’m hoping they start the phase out of the “old style” creator / expert sets and retire those, and phase in the new black box sets quickly. We may see the resurrection of older creator sets into their new upgraded boxes.
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