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79012 - Mirkwood Elf Army

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Are these still available near you? I can't find them at Walmart, Target, or TRU.

Was thinking the same thing...online sales will be the only way to get these....tru may have them but they're priced 34.99 so will take quite a bit to get them to clearance type pricing. Still a great set and yes...with $20ish buy in you'll triple your money in time.
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This is now OOS shipping Jan 15th on Shop at Home.  It is gone at every retailer around here.  I wonder if this is the last stock and it will soon be sold out for good just like Lake-town Chase?  I might have to buy a few and a Star Wars magnet to qualify for the promos.  I don't know that this will last long enough to be discounted.

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Bought this set and it sort of sounds like there might be loose pieces inside, kind of hard to tell. Has anyone who has built this set let me know if there are supposed to be loose pieces?


Also how different are set weights between the same sets? Mine all seem to be different from the ones listed on BP!

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Thanks. Might do a return just in case. The seals look intact...it might just be me being paranoid but with all the scams going around, why chance it.

"Better safe than sorry" has always been a good guideline in life I think. I can't really offer much advice (over the net since I can't actually shift the set and listen for myself) but if the box sounds as though too many pieces are hitting the insides of it instead of the bags themselves moving about then you may be right to not take a chance.

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