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The $4000 Question

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Ok, maybe I should have been more clear on this. My friend doesn't really "need" the money, he "wants" the money to start a 3rd business. He is not in any financial trouble, he's actually better off then me. He is a friend that I recommended to him to buy these sets as an investment. Well 2 years later he has no interest in lego investing and just wants his money back + some due to the FB EOL. I think I'm going to offer him $3300.

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I would make him an offer he couldn't refuse. Start with $ 2,500 to get him out of the cave. Then you will see. I would help my friend as well. But not by paying him to much. I would be helping him with instant cash and take the sets from his hands. If after the transaction he would need more money I would loan it to him for 2 points a week.

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$4000 is an absolutely absurd price, this isn't how things work in the real world. Sure, it makes sense in a way, they GE is $150, the FB is $250, so $4000 is the "street price" right?



1. These are Ebay prices, due to fees and shipping, you can safely knock off 20-25% off the purchase price of all these sets to see what the sellers are actually getting in the end - Ebay prices are notoriously higher than other online stores simply because sellers MUST build these costs into each transaction. 

This brings the price down to $3000-$3200 for the lot


2. This is a LOT, a lot cannot be sold for more than or the same as the sum of its components, otherwise, why would you buy a lot? A lot must mean a discount because you are buying the sellers quantities, which means they are getting the convenience of selling their inventory on their terms. Inherently in business, the cost of buying bulk gives you more power as a buyer.


I Think this would bring the price down to $2800-$3000


$4000 is a lot more than he could ever GET out of those sets if he sold them, if he wants to get the most money, he could list them on ebay and worry about listing and selling 20 different items to 20 different people and he might net $3100 in the end after all that work. I can guarantee that there will be a buyer issue in one of those, you almost can't sell that many large sets and not have at least one complaint to deal with, this costs money and time. Also, he may have to ship them to Hawaii or Alaska, and pay premium prices, if they stay in the lower 48, it may go all the way across the country and he will have to pay the most shipping costs. People tend to work these things out to their advantage.

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1 year ago I had some certain legal issues and needed money fast. I actually sold both of my Fire Brigades I had to a friend for $100 each. I knew it would hurt me as they were about to retire but needed the money badly. In the end he resold them for a nice profit so I'm happy for him.

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Safe investment, but one you would have to hold on for a couple of years before you could really make your money back. I'ld offer him $3500 for the lot and take it from there, atleast there you can make more than half the money back quickly, and just have room for profit once the GE hits it EOL.

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