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That all depends on how much you want to build that set.  As far as an investment...(only my opinion here) your money is better spent elsewhere.


There has been some ridiculous sales (amazob BOGO, Target BOGO) recently.  Take advantage of them.  My impression of Emazers is that his philosophy is more strict than mine.


Seems he only really "invests" in exclusives or 10xxx sets.  No problem with that at all.  There is certainly some seriously money in those sets.


Others prefer the chase in finding sales.  I am mix between the two have a well rounded portfolio of x-large sets (10211), large ~1000 piece sets and medium 400-800 piece sets.  Sure I have some smaller sets but those also require a lot more work to clear the same amount of money a large set can generate.


In time you will find your niche in this bizarro plastic world.

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