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I think Mos is probably (once again) right on this one. All year is seeming more realistic, until we see another Superhero set announced at that price point or higher. I don't think they are going to have a mix where $49.99 is the most expensive set. 


Superman/Lex is not a surprise since Wonder Woman is in the Lego Movie. 

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What's the big deal ? This has been available at LEGO Shop at Home since early January.  It was only Sold Out in December.



6860 still showing retired in the UK at the moment.  Could this be an UNRETIREMENT in the making?  Very worrying if it is.

In the US, this was sold out a few times but NEVER retired.  I do not remember seeing the "Retring soon" tag on it either

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Batcaves come in cases of 3 and they will be around all year.


It will be interesting if this occurs. This would be the first time TLG has retired a set for the rest of the world while keeping production going soley for North America.

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So frustrating. Two weeks ago I drove 30 miles to a distant Walmart during the Polar vortex to complete a pickup order for the only Batcave within 45 miles of my house. Don't ask why I didn't just wait a week for the weather to clear...I was hunting for clearance and guess what?...Nothing on clearance.

To make matters worse, I went the wrong direction on the turnpike on the way home which cost me more time, money, and gas.

Epic fail of a haul.

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Anyone remember how long the 2006 Batcave was available (I know what brick set says)? I remember seeing them at TRUs back in late 2008 and early 2009 while doing baby shopping when my wife was pregnant with my son.

Just curious. I think that set was needed late in the theme's run so kids had a chance to buy the batcave to go along with the other sets.

Maybe this batcave will follow suit?

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