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Wolverine's Chopper Showdown will resurface.

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I believe it's extremely unlikely that they will un-retire this set now, i do believe it's gone forever (or at least in the UK). With the new wave of superheroes on the horizon I believe they will want the shelf space to sell the new stuff rather than mess about with a 2 year old set.


I think the Catwoman coming out of retirement is a one off and it only happened in the US (to my knowledge), in the Uk once it retired it has stayed retired.

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Wolvie and Magneto will be $10 each after retirement. That's minimum, the rest of the junk and that other red minifigure can add up to another $15 easily. Better go back and grab them.


"..that other red minifigure" is probably one of the hottest Marvel characters out right now. Wolvie and Mags are awesome, but Deadpool is the minifig I bought this set for. Do like supraboy888 says and snag them up!!!



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I sell Wolverine for $12 right now (I ran out). Deadpool I sell for $12 as well.

You're making me think about cleaning the shelves here in Canada at the TRU. $26.99 a set here. If that deadpool can net $12, it's a no brainer even at $30. Still, I'd have to say the hulk is the clear winner. If spiderman sets get discontinued, it makes me wonder who the hot figure will be, octopus or venom? Hmmmmm

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