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41 minutes ago, pickleboy said:

They sent you the link but the Too listing is not showing up in searches.  Same with one of the newest AT At retired set....I have found a couple of listings in my catalog that are not showing up when searching.  I even called about the AT AT listing and they fixed it and then two days later it wasn't showing up again.  Currently AT AT is going for 400 bucks on the listing showing but there are about a dozen sets around 325 on the other listing that is not showing up but was the original listing.  I am guessing the ToO is having the same issues.

This happens occasionally with Amazon products.  Just open a case, give them the ASIN, tell them it is no longer showing up in search, and request that they fix the search tree.  If you can't find the ASIN, try googling for Amazon Lego TOO, for example.

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And that's the key. As long as you follow an strategy with the sets you like (say, I'll buy 5 TOO by the time it reaches 2 years on the shelves or whatever), retirement talk shouldn't matter too much.

  Here for all to see...  

Look at what received the Architecture treatment.

Posted Images

The problem isn't with the set, or the LOTR theme - Way too many investors started pouring in, just as the general public interest in LEGO started to wane.

Add to that, that LEGO had finally become capable of supplying enough merchandise for a market that wasn't really there anymore (but they had already committed  to fulfilling that anticipated growth).

The perceived threats of re-releases, the fakes, and an overall sense of diminishing values also play a role.

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5 minutes ago, Brickson said:

Can't hold low demand sets for long after retirement otherwise you'll be waiting 5-10 years to get decent profit.

That's ok, I'll wait if I must - I don't plan on going anywhere.

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1 hour ago, Lego_Monsters said:

Yup, bad investment. Buying at MSRP was a terrible idea.

I'm not mad at this set. I bought three, all at MSRP and directly from Lego SAH. I got some kind of freebie with each, but I can't remember what exactly. I sold two for $260 each, and each during an eBay promo where I only paid $5 in fees. After paypal and shipping I probably cleared about $60-70 total profit. Definitely nothing to get excited about but It means that the cost of my personal copy (that I really look forward to building some day) was about $140 before factoring in the VIP points and freebies I earned, and that's okay with me. #notgreedy

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