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10237 - Tower of Orthanc

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Even though I collect LOTR minifigs I don't care if they are in the Orthanc set or not. I'd rather them concentrate on making the tower as good as it can be. Though with the recent UCS sets like SSD they seem to want to chuck minifigs in. You'd have to have a Saruman (even though he is in wizard battle set - maybe a variant), Grima and some orcs or Uruk-hai maybe.

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I would love to see it come with a large Ent minifigure: Treebeard.

This would be again logic to expect really...

especially since it woudl be 99% a BRICK built ent which would take large chunk of tower pieces to make it awesome enough....

Ents deserve their own set if they must have it at all... pushing ent inside Orthanc is killing its cost if the leaked dimensions of tower are correct.

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If I remember right the dimensions are supposed to be 28" tall x 6" wide. Put that in perspective with Helm's Deep and it's going to look huge, which in the movie, it is. I really hope they go all out on it and use the piece count for the tower, not for minifigs unless it ends up being an exclusive Grima Wormtongue or something like that.

OK here are some calculations (Which may be wrong):

The Tower of Orthanc is supposed to be 500ft or 150m high.

A Lego brick is 9.6mm high, lets round that to 1cm.

A Minifigure is usually 5 bricks or 5cm (2") tall.

Lets say the average person is 180cm (6') tall which gives us a scale of 1:36.

So if the model is going to be 28" or 70cm tall that is only 14 minifigures.

The correct scale height should 4.16m (~13ft) so what they are offering is not near minifig scale. Of course if it was, then the only indoor place would be something like a mall or aircraft hanger!

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Well, we all know that sets based on structures of this magnitude will NEVER meet our expectations as the sheer magnitude to make it even close to scale is impossible. And frankly, as long as it looks like Orthanc, I don't care if it's some huge tower that's 4' tall. I prefer stylistic resemblance over size resemblance. Now Minas Tirith however, better be freaking huge! As others have said, I want Treebeard to have his own set. Include Merry, Pippen, an Orc to chase them, and the Treebeard in a $30 set or something.

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Oh, Blackjack my friend, there you go getting my hopes up that something new info was posted in this thread :) That is a sweet MoC though isn't it. When I first saw it I considered trying to replicate it myself, but then read a bit more on the bricks/cost/time it took...

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Finally, a winning set for this year! I honestly couldn't have imagined them doing a better job with this set, it has a really nice tower, wormtongue, an orc and uruk, an eagle and the brick built ent I have been wishing for all along.

Yes its a GREAT set from LOTR... a true piece of art...

BUT I am disappointed on the SAME Orc (minor)

And to be honest... Ent looks so much worse than I would've expected...

Not to mention instead of Eagle and Gandalf I would rather have more Orcs/wild men/

or even Orc forge parts...

Still wonderful set... but 199 USD means 200-220

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One interesting thought, this set is really just a playset, not really a model per se at all, a model would be much more accurate, they seem to have compromised accuracy for play-ability in this case. I'm not saying this is exactly a bad thing, it will probably drive sales very nicely, but for those who were hoping for a "UCS" LOTR line, this doesn't exactly fit the bill since UCS is really a theme designed for display, not play (except 10188).

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