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20% off orders of 100!! Some sets over 45% off!!!

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Target is doing 20% off any order of Legos over 1 hundy. On already marked down sets this is a phenomenal deal!!! A few examples are:   70503 Golden Dragon          $15.74  47% off MSRP 76004 Sp

31011 Creator Aviation Adventures  comes in at $36 before RED CARD discount for a 40% off, 45% with RED CARD.  I really like this set.  It catches my eye every time I see it.  Sleeper set IMO.

Does target get finicky about multiple orders? I just made one order and I think I am going to get more.

I've put over 6 orders the other day, no issues there.

Heck if you can abuse that 5$ coupon as a guest and still use the redcard multiple times, then you should be safe with multiples

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Dude, you rock. I was so hoping for a discount on that one. :D Even at the $44.99 listed, that is $15 off retail for a very new set.

Buy $100 worth of the plastic and get it for $36.  Sweet set.  Don't underestimate the Creator sets.  One of my favorite themes.

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It may vary but my Target must have only started a half off all Chima Speedorz sets today because the only one I bought rang up for $7.50. Doubt anyone cares much but still there for anyone wanting the parts at least or complete their own collection or something.

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