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Amazon Prime - Air?


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Is there a 'dark side' to Amazon drones and Google robots?

Is there a 'dark side' to automation?


Well, of course technology is advancing everyday to the point of replacing human workers to do the same thing. Hell, there was an episode of The Twilight Zone back in 1967 about automation ultimately replacing the human work force called "The Brain Center at Whipple's".


However, the couterpoint to that is now you need human workers whom handle fixing the automatous contraptions of our own design....unless we come up with automated repair units but then who or what fixes those?

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Dominos CEO is about to come on CNBC. He had his own drone delivering pizza a few months ago but was ignored. Meanwhile,everyone is licking Jeff Bezo's feet putting him on a pastinal dubbing him the next Thomas Edison.

That reminds me of the conversations where people truly believe Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb, and inventors like Nikola Tesla get a small footnote in history.
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