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Advertise Your eBay or Amazon Store

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good question as i have a bricklink store but not an ebay store.  I do sell on ebay though.

This eBay store advertising is just a quick stop gap for us.  I know I sound like a broken record, but Jeff will have some time in the next several weeks to finish up the Classifieds.  It is then people will be allowed to post their Bricklink sites or whatever they want that is LEGO related.  We are allowing the eBay store links because we can get some affiliate money back from those links.  

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i agree with majority.  some investors (like me) do occasionally by sets from other investors for personal use.  i recently purchased an indy jones car chase set from a popular member here (hassle free transaation).  will i buy sets off other investors for my own investment?  not sure  / prob not.


it will be interesting to see others' ebay stores.   that is another good guide for pricing sets on ebay.

A smart LEGO investor, collector, reseller and fan should look at each possible source to buy a set.  I look at eBay, Amazon, Bricklink, and all the major retailers before I make each purchase.  If another reseller has a set(s) that I was looking for cheaper than other sources, it would be foolish not to take advantage.

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Maybe seminar was a poor choice of words. The idea being to exchange best practices, ideas, improving the site and what have you in a more interactive and personal way. It would be nice to meet other BP members in person, but that is just me talking.

Oh, I understand.  Maybe one day.  I'm afraid that many members might go in disguise because they are afraid of LEGO spying on them.  LOL

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Resellers buying from resellers.  It's an interesting thought.



Resellers are collectors that no longer want their collection.

Could be, but I resell, and I have to say...I would LOVE to crack open all my sets!


How about Target?  Walmart?  Amazon?  Aren't they resellers?  

We aren't advertising for Target or Walmart. The title says "Advertise Your eBay or Amazon Store".

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For me it was reseller, reseller, reseller, reseller, then I put one together and now I have all the winter sets and monster fighter sets ready to go to put together so now I am a collector, I guess? (Ugh)    They converted me.  bastards.  I already have enough vices.



Did you build a set yet though?


There is nothing like your first time.

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