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Does anyone know if CC discounts 25% apply to exclusives

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To all, I am planning on buying some exclusives this saturday.  Does anyone know through experience if the CC opening  discount of 15% plus the saturday discount of 10% count towards Exclusives.  Orthanc, SSD, Ewok village etc. If so then that is about 25% off these sets up to the credit limit.

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When you open CC in store you get a 15% off coupon good for the whole day.  It works on the red hot priced items, so if your store carries the exclusive / Hard to Find sets, then the coupon should work on them too.  The coupon does not work online and the 10% off is good for instore purchases only.

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FYI, the TRU at Times Square has many of the exclusives and hard to find sets, including:




Ewok Village





Sydney Opera House

Grand Emporium

Palace Cinema

Pet Shop

<< no more Fire Brigade >>


Volkswagon Van


Tower of Orthanc

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