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Australian General LEGO Update


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Is that for flipping and/or holding long term?

For myself, i would buy it at 30% off.


For investment, i buy selectively. I'm more of a flipper due to limited budget. After the fees and everything, i must see the potential of 20-25% immediately before buying it. This opportunity comes once in a while but need to hit it hard :D

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Almost a lot of the retailer here in Australia are offering up to 20% discount on Lego. Just got to find the ones that can stack other discount codes on or some other additional stuff to push it over the 20% mark.


Anyone got any ideas? :sweat:

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One thing I just noticed thanks to your comment about the Winter Village is that doing a search for "Lego" brings more results than just selecting the Lego brand through the various menus.

This method will give you the Winter Village Cottage and Opera House that I know of that the Lego section does not show.

The same is true of the Kmart site, searching for "Lego" there gives you visibility on the Haunted House and Vampyre Castle that the Lego section does not have.

Might pay to start doing this on all sites

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Yea.. i had lots of trouble with their site too. It won't allow me to view 36 items per page. So basically i have to go through all 18 pages to see what's there. And also i have this trouble that my address is not recognised for home delivery. Once i chose the click-and-collect option, i have to refresh many times too be able to choose the store and process the order.  

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