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Did you notice that 60012 is a variant of the 7737 issued in 2009, even same amount of parts but twice more expensive? :)

7737 was $9.99

Huh, talk about deja vu. Actually now that you brought it up, a good number of the new sets look like redos of a few from the same year no less.


7723 - Truck & Forklift


7734 - Cargo Plane


7738 - Coastguard Helicopter & Life Raft


7739 - Coastguard Patrol Boat & Tower


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Have you seen 7734's performance?




60021 could go the same way after EOL, at around 85% the piece count of 7734, same number of minifigs and nearly the same price. Also, I think that fcBarcelona wrote an article about City planes being a good investment.


Worth it :D

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Is it just me?  Is anyone else seeing that 60019 Stunt Plane disappears quickly at retail stores?  Is production lower for this plane, or do kids and collectors snatch this one up?

That is one of those sets which lingered around me. Maybe now it is finally sold out from my Walmart though but for the whole of last year, it didn't move so well. It is a decent plane; just not for $20. Now the Monster Truck Transporter sold rather nicely.
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