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Outside of the museum heist, I don't seen anything from City or Ninjago that floats my boat. The fire theme is WAY played out. Going to be very cheap for me, which is nice, because I have a list a mile long right now with some other themes. Hobbit pics are also up at Brick Fanatics too, they appear like legit pics, not confidentials. http://brickfanatics.co.uk/hobbit-set-pics-at-last/

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i was really excited for the Hobbit sets, but now when i look at it i can say only one thing "im very disappointed" - most of the Hobbit sets looks to me like a reproduction of the existing Lord of the rings sets - same scenes, same minifigures(color & face change) - nothing exciting , just my 2 cents :)

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Maybe a Ultimate Collector's Series Fire Engine would make an interesting set.

There's a thought....

Ultimate Collector Series - CITY sets.

Wow...that new Ninjago stuff is downright disappointing. I won't comment on the City stuff because it has never really been an interest of mine.

I think the LOTR Goblin King Battle is pretty nice looking though! Looks like it comes with some pretty good mini figs.

I think what will disappoint most people about this last run of NINJAGO sets is how "Power Ranger" esque they are. They are also a wierd amalgam of EXO-FORCE & POWER MINERS.

If you weren't into NINJAGO to begin with, these final sets aren't going to change your mind.

At one time, I really never cared for all the 'city' stuff. However, I've found that these last few years the overall design and feel of the CITY sets are pretty good. Though that excuse for a 'museum' in the "Museum Break-In" set is rather miniscule, the vehicles included are nice.

"The Goblin King Battle" set is good, but man is that Goblin King FUGLY! Heh. I can see some of similiarities between the LORD OF THE RINGS sets and the first wave of THE HOBBIT sets. I'm looking forward to the "Attack of the Wargs" set.

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The Brick Blogger has released the pictures for the 2013 Lego City Summer sets. None of them are outstanding, but I do kind of like how the 60015 LEGO City Coast Guard Plane, 60013 LEGO City Coast Guard Helicopter, and 60014 LEGO City Coast Guard Patrol. 60025 LEGO City Grand Prix Truck is decent too. http://thebrickblogger.com/2013/04/2013-lego-city-summer-sets-pictures/

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Guest ph4tb0i

Personally I'm pumped for the new Cargo plane!

+1. I have a 3182 and a 3181 that's going to group up nicely with the new cargo terminal. Only wish they made a purple plane so I could put FedEx stickers on it...

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Are those 1x1 round tiles. I have not seen this element before.


I have just built 1975 set 615 forklift. How things have changed :)


On the vintage market; 80s & 90s small town/city sets do not seem to go for much. So is it worth investing in smaller sets like this? Even at a 50% discount...

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