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Speaking of new pieces: are those forks on the forklift new?

It looks like it was only used (as well as introduced) in set 4512 Cargo Train from 2003. Here is the BrickLink. I remember Lego had a slightly different forklift part that is much older.

Are those 1x1 round tiles. I have not seen this element before.

That part was introduced just last year, and has immediately become one of my absolute favorite pieces! They have had the 1x1 square tile for so long; it's about time they did a round one.

Not trying to rain on your parade TOK, but you should probably combine all of these Brickset articles into one page and then pin it.

Whether they are from Eurobricks or Brickset, I could merge some together when more come in if they are under the same theme. It seems wierd sticking reviews for City, Galaxy Squad, Chima, and Friends together under the same roof as it were.


Speaking of new parts, I like the modified ballcap and new headgear.


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I'm on a clip binge today. Here are some commercials for the newest City sets in case you haven't seen them on TV or wherever they supposed to show normally anymore.




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Trying to get caught up on all the 2013 set reviews so here are some more from the great City. :D

Name: Fire Speedboat Number: 30220 Pieces: 40 Minifigures: 1



Name: Police Helicopter Number: 30222 Pieces: 33 Minifigures: 1



Name: Fire Motorcycle Number: 60000 Pieces: 40 Minifigures: 1

Retail: US - $6.99, CAN - $8.99, AUS - $9.99, UK -

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