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When & where did you find out about BrickPicker?

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I have been registered on the site for many years, but have not spent much time on it.  I didnt realize all that it had to offer.  I have been into Lego's since I was a kid and have been selling on Brick Link for many years.



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Found this site many years ago while watching a YouTuber.  That tuber has long since stopped posting but this site was in my short list of Lego sites as I had become interested in how so many folks invest in Lego and seem to do well.  Lurked for a very long time and only recently decided to post some thoughts.   Still working on my 20 Posts.   Still cannot PM anyone but I'm hoping that's part of the 20 Post minimum requirement.

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On 11/1/2022 at 11:20 AM, Stonebreaker said:

I discovered this site yesterday when I did 2 Google searches: 'Brick Bucks Ignite Scam', 'Brick Bucks Ignite Review'.

This appears to be the first legit LEGO investment forum I've discovered so far, I think.

The claims made on the advertising page seem a little suspect. Turning $100 into $200 isn't massively difficult. A handful of Battle packs should get you there. Turning $100k into $200k "in a very short space of time" is much harder due to scaling issues.

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