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I hope this doesn't count as dragging an old post up (Necroposting), but I think my comment here is relevant. :) 

In the list given by @Ed Mack I'm a bit unsure about this line:

  • GREEN ARROW UP...or a thumbs up in other words, should be given to quality posts or answers that stand out or that you agree with.  Please don't spam these.  Members who receive one get two BrickPoints and one Reputation point.  

I assume that "Green Arrow Up" is what these days on the forum is the 56939f4da897e_LikeThis.png.b0a4332d58a84 button? 

As a veteran Google+ user I'm used to +1 (or like) a post that I agree with. Also if someone quotes me and I agree with their comment, I tend to give a 56939f4da897e_LikeThis.png.b0a4332d58a84 approval. 

Is that acceptable behaviour here at BP or am I too easy in giving a 56939f4da897e_LikeThis.png.b0a4332d58a84 approval? Is it something I ought to reserve for only the best kind of comments or posts? I do notice that there is a wide variation in how BPickers use this feature. Some people are very reluctant to click the 56939f4da897e_LikeThis.png.b0a4332d58a84 button, while others are more easy to click it, similarly like I do. And I noticed I have a tendency to more easily like someone's posts or comments when that person also more regularly likes my comments. A kind of quid pro quo way of thinking. :P 

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1 hour ago, jaisonline said:

We use to have thumbs up and down buttons. They are nice in theory but didn't workout in reality when used by "select" members who abused that system.

Some Members would get dinged for the sport of it.

Thank you for the clarification. A thumbs down option, next to a thumbs up, is unfortunately indeed an invitation for abuse by certain immature individuals. It's exactly the reason why Facebook hasn't got a "do not like" button next to their like button. 

I guess I will try to be a bit more sparse in clicking the Like this button and only use it for really good posts/comments. :) 

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Guest brickcrazyhouse

F.Y.I.  to all the newer members.  It is strongly encourage to help @Lego Templar 's generosity.  One like makes him pay :)  (NOT this post follow the link)

On 12/21/2016 at 7:00 PM, Lego Templar said:

I am stealing Jaisonline's idea from last year!

For each LIKE $***THIS***$ post gets I will donate 1 dollar!

1 like=1 dollar towards the schools raffle!

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F.Y.I.  to all the newer members.  It is strongly encourage to help @Lego Templar 's generosity.  One like makes him pay   (NOT this post follow the link)

You're so kind! My BP notifications just flooded my phone...lol it's only the 2nd day of January!

I also heard brickcrazy is taking my likes and doubling them for himself to donate! Such a nice guy!!!

(Spotlight turns to BrickCrazy)

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12 hours ago, Rebel Bricks said:

Thanks for the breakdown of user etiquette. I think the last one - 'be nice' - encapsulates a lot of the others. If you are respectful to others, they will be respectful to you.

Be nice...until it's time not to be nice...


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1 minute ago, Stonebreaker said:

I'm sorry, but I can't find any information regarding the Thanks, Haha, Confused, Sad and Like options for posts.

I'm particularly confused about the difference between Like and Thanks. What is the preferable choice to indicate great posts?

Thanks if it is a helpful post, and like ( most used ) if you like the post 

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