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Advanced building techniques & questions


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Great write-up, although the English is a little broken.  There is a wealth of information for fledgling MOCers, including the brick ratios that drive advanced building techniques.


I find the best way to find techniques is to check out other MOCers Flikr pages and look to see what they've done.  This is especially true for Technic, where you're combining brick construction with axle and gear construction.  Eurobricks has a lot of MOCs posted, and many times the builder MOCer will answer questions about their build techniques in the forum post.

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Wow, great link Efonsecab! The only other place that I can think of is the LEGO Master Builders Academy, which I am pretty sure that you have heard of.


Thanks, yes I have heard of Master Builders Academy, I think the program is not available in my country tho.

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Here are a few videos from the Lego channel to get things started.

Panel Building


Combo Car: Highway Speedster & Mini Skyflyer


Display Stand




Building Details


Sliding Doors


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I have been researching on lego building techniques and I found this guide


The Unofficial LEGO Advanced Building Techniques Guide




I'd like to know more places where I can find information on building techniques, such as videos, books, tutorials, and more.



That's really cool!

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Moving right along with some more Designer videos.

Angled Walls


Corner Door


Columns - Part 1


Columns - Part 2


Designing Cars




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Guest eightbrick

Sorry for the major necropost here, but I thought some people might be interested in the Eurobricks guide to building medieval villages (by Derfel Cadarn). Been wanting to share this for months now, I guess this is the right place:


You also might want to check out his flickr for more inspiration (he is absolutely amazing - definitely one of my favorite MOCers!) http://www.flickr.com/photos/45244184@N04/


Eurobricks is your friend if you are interested in picking up some MOCing techniques and viewing and chatting with other MOCers.

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There is a LEGO Techniques group on Flickr with some great ideas. 


Someone on Eurobricks posted a Powerpoint on doing landscapes that I found helpful.


I agree with others about the Medieval Village guide by Derfel Cadarn, the guy does amazing work.


Also, the Lego Ideas books are very good for inspiration and techniques. The books are available on Amazon at a discount or check in a local library. 


Brick Journal is also full of building techniques. The latest issue shows lots of castle building.

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Guest eightbrick

Brick Journal is also full of building techniques. The latest issue shows lots of castle building.

My Lego store sells them I think. Pretty pricey, are they worth it?

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With a 2362 under the 60593 and a 3022 to stick them, and some plate tiles under, maybe it's ok.




Or maybe this way (feet upside down):



Something that disturbs me is that the horizontal  window seems to be a 1x2x4 on the picture (I virtually used a 1x2x3)... it should explain why it seems that there are two plots large between the 6141 plots (and not just one, as I showed with a blue 1x2 plate tile)

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Merci, biniou. What you have put together looks very close to the source. I think the horizontal window is a 1x2x3 as I don't think there is a 1x2x4 or I just can't find it. Anyway, I managed to come up with an idea that takes inspiration from this and another design I came across on eBay of all places. The result doesn't have the subtle angle like a real pinball machine does but at least it does look the part.

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Because my LDD is not working at the moment, I cannot show you exactally how this works, but I am seeing headlight bricks at the bottom.  The pinball machines will not stick to the ground because the studs are upside down.  The front is only one stud deep and the back is two.


Here is a pattern for the bottom (from front to back):


2X1 grill


2 headlight bricks next to each other


2X1 brick


2 more headlight bricks next to each other


2X2 plate


Put one stud on each of the front headlight bricks and put two studs on each of the back headlight bricks.


The rest should be easy to figure out.

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