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Of all the castles made, which one do you think is best?


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Castle from a few years ago was awesome if you like fantasy stuff like trolls, dragons, dwarfs.

I really like some of the Viking sets and rarely see them around.

Personally I like the kingdoms theme.

The new sets are a mix of the fantasy era and the kingdom sets.

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Which of all the castles made ( Castle, Kingdom, etc.) do you think is the best?


I think if we look it objectively from designs and pieces provided Kingdoms is hands down the best line from Castle PERIOD.


My personal favorite as a kid was 1992 Black Knights and Dragon Knights (you know blue wizard Majisto etc.)


But if we count in LOTR & Hobbit to Castle aswell I would have to Vote Helm's Deep as the best set from Castle line (closely followed by Kingdoms Castle and 1992 Black Knights Castle)

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I don't count LOTR as Castle otherwise you would also have to count Star Wars as Space. :)


But looking at "Castle" castles I am going to show my age and say the original grey castles from the mid to late 80's are the best. Plus the Woodlander sets.

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Guest eightbrick

7094 King's Castle Siege is the best....No competition.


I love that Castle, got it for 30 bucks at Walmart once (wish I knew about investing and picked up like 10). Although, I must say that  my vote goes to 6086 Black Knight's Castle for pure nostalgic awesomeness!

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