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LEGO outdid itself with Star Wars exhibit in Times Square!


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Thanks to legopocalypse for posting the original video of the life size X Wing. Found out the exhibit was open through Saturday so pulled my son out of bed at 7am Saturday to hop on the train. He didn't know where we were going, and I didn't know how it was going to pan out. LEGO hit it out of the park. Highlights from the day: - Free pictures with 5 life size LEGO built characters - Free professional pic with life size LEGO Yoda in his NY I Love tee shirt (they printed out 2 copies and emailed, no charge) - Free picture with Darth Vader. He was a bit Porkins around the edges...Ha! - Build your own mini X Wing. 4 tables setup with 6 buckets and directions stations. Could have built as many as you wanted. - Free cockpit picture if you wanted to wait on the 40 minute line. They handed out bricks as tickets every 20 minutes to get on line. - Free master builder academy section. - TRU buy the 9493 and get free Yoda promo minifig. HOME RUN here, they were charging $75, but asked cashier if she would honor online price match of $45 and get fig and she said YES! Damn near kissed her! Instead of spending $75 on a set i really didn't want, got it for 30 bucks less! She price matched the 2 I had at register and a Yoda per set. - TRU let us smoosh for as long as we wanted by the register - LEGO Store at Rockefeller Center gave out FREE Hoth Hans as soon as you walked in the door. Son and I each got one. - LEGO Store let us smoosh for as long as we wanted and we helped out some moms and grandmas get the characters they wanted for their kids/grand kids. No beefs from the LEGO staff, they were all super accommodating. - Asked store clerk about 20% off MF, he did not know, asked Manager and they said they would honor it. Props to BP for that nugget of info. I really don't know of any other toy company that makes this big a deal about anything that both my son and I can enjoy together. Great day, and huge props to BrickPicker, I definitely would not have known about it without BP. Both BrickPicker and LEGO owned yesterday. Son said it was the best day ever...I agree.

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Yeah, everything sounded good there except the part about the Han fig...and hearing about a cool Yoda fig I could never possibly acquire without paying scalper prices (which I won't do). Glad to hear you had a great time with your son!

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