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Bionicle & Hero Factory - general discussion

Bio vs. Hero  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

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There is a lot of hate for Bionicle, but it's a good investment. Does anyone here have a bunch of Bionicle investment sets?

  I don't know the answer to your question, but this is relatively risk-free way of expanding your resale expertise.  I applaud your open-mindedness...

Here is the list of sets with pictures that Brickset has in their database.

Posted Images

I think all the 3 in 1 sets are valuable.

Each set is made up with 3 smaller sets and have 'special' parts that you can't buy with the smaller sets, like helmets and such.

10201-1: Taktanuva

10202-1: Ultimate Dume

10203-1: Voporak

10204-1: Vezon & Kardas

All great sets and the largest of the Bionicle theme I believe. In pieces and size.
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The thing about Bionicles is quantity and rarity of the masks. I'd say that any of the Heroes have probably doubled their money since coming out. Another one to look at is the Mask of Time. I don't think that it was a very easy piece to get at all.

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When I was a kid, I preferred Bionicles over System sets. And so, believe it or not, I own almost every Bionicle ever released. I like System better now (minifigs, yay!) so I kinda regret all that money spent on Bionicles...but there's no way I'm getting rid of 'em!

EDIT: Well, I guess I don't own all of them myself...it was a joint effort between my brothers and I. We all quite liked them. I'd say I own almost a third of all the Bionicles released.

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With a ten year run of a theme containing numerous heroes, villians, various other characters and branching storylines, begs these questions... Who was your favorite character? Which series did you like best? If you read the DC comics or watched the cg films, which storyline arc did you enjoy the most? And finally... Do you wish BIONICLE was still being made to this day? or Are you glad BIONICLE was discontinued when it was?

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10204 Vezon & Kardas

Baddest Bionicle of them all...

Love the theme. Love the sets. I think Hero factory is great also. The 2283 Witch Doctor is another kick @$$ set.

Baddest of the bad. Those characters just scream, "I'm gonna f*** you up!" Haha! I definately like where HERO FACTORY is going and dig most of the designs. Still have my dudes sealed. Had to have the "Witch Doctor" as soon as I laid eyes on him! (Or it?)

I think with the 'open end'ness of HERO FACTORY that we can expect TONS of those guys for years! I believe BIONICLE ended because of the storyline. You know, "all good things must come to an end".

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The Bionicle and STAR WARS themes back in 2001 were a driving force in getting LEGO back in a strong financial shape. They are my second favorite theme and the building techniques that are utilized with the theme are quite different than the standard bricks. In a lot of ways, they are quite complex and people need to visualize MOCs in a much different manner.

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Are you referring to these instructions? http://creator.lego.com/en-us/BuildingInstructions/7291 Group.aspx If so, they are found by doing a search for "instructions 7291" on the LEGO site. If this is not what you ae looking for in instructions, then sorry to jump in here.

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